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The history of Heiza

Over the past five decades, the family-run business Heiza has developed into a globally leading provider in field of thermal oil systems. Since its establishment in the mid-1960s, we have constantly grown in terms of our tasks and the needs of our customers.

An important step was taken in 2014 with the take-over of Werkstätten Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH for the establishment of HEIZA-WERKSTÄTTEN Wärmetechnik GmbH.

With experience, innovative ideas and the commitment of our staff, we will also ensure great progress in heat transfer and heat recovery in the future.



The family business HEIZA – Hochtemperatur-Kessel is founded.


Take-over of HEIZA – Hochtemperatur-Kessel by the Mattil family for the foundation of HEIZA Mattil GmbH & Co.

New business field

Extension of the product range with heat recovery systems.

Opening ceremony

New large 1,500 m² hall for the optimum manufacture of large-scale systems.

New establishment

Take-over of HEIZA Wärmetechnik GmbH by Werkstätten Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH for the foundation of HEIZA-WERKSTÄTTEN Wärmetechnik GmbH.